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Welcome to Silicon Valley


  1. Most open minded place? Hahahaha. You mean the most intolerant place in the USA? Anything conservative, right-wing, or even non-liberal will actively banned, censored, attacked, or mocked. It is the birthplace of Antifa, the domestic terrorist organization. SF is a liberal shithole.

  2. On the other hand, some printed names on universities papers give great pleasure and honer to the university, hopefully, my name will do so some day because I already hold one

  3. However, boy you reminded me by little kids or student who were in your age in Connecticut, of course, christen american some italian, some german, some french some english, some and some and some, who were so serious and honest about attending classrooms, paying attention to taught thoughts and are eager to earn credits so at the end they would rather have well printed paper. However, no problem if you used however too many times, so printed paper value goes down with time, that's not fun, that's real thing after ten years it may hold about half its value and after twenty years about to third while after thirty years it will have no value except being a decorated paper on its owner house. So if I have hold that paper ten years ago, today its value is almost half

  4. That is the bad side of american italians who usually lie to people

  5. Are we going to say, this is the cancer start or one of the causes if the boy really succeed and build his orange show store just next to apple mcdonalds

  6. san francisco… my dream city.. i hope i will visit this city one day

  7. this is sooo inspiring! I love it.

  8. God damn i hate hearing CEO, CEO, CEO- Co-founder,Creator. theres so many of you guys so saturated. Keep making CEO's over there and eventually collide and vanished an a blink of an eye.

  9. I like this song. who is the singer?

  10. The next disruptive company will be creat from a most complet artist and entrepreneur, KijotIsma from Barcelona (Spain) innovative and disruptive project.

  11. Good luck with that moon base dumbass. No one has ever been there let alone past low earth orbit. In a few years most of these guys will become part of the fast growing bum population in San Francisco anyway.

  12. There is so much money around… There will never be a balance. We are not even able to finance our graduation. At the beginning all startups need some support.

  13. semiconductor, electronics, chip, microship design,…etc.

  14. Silicon Valley is totally overrated.

    back to watching videos on how aliens helped built ancient Egypt.

  15. What is the background music?


  17. someone sponsor me to this place for free

  18. Thank you for this, so many helpful tips! I really think entrepreneurship is the way to true freedom, that's why I'm on the same journey. Recently I interviewed a CEO of a $30+ Million Dollar Tech Company on my channel. He really goes in depth on how to START your own business and start freeing yourself from stress. Come check it out, I'm sure you'll get a lot of value if you're serious about entrepreneurship! I'll see you there 🙂

  19. the dude talking bout making illegal experiments legally on the moon is on to something

  20. when you are passionate to do something, place doesn't matters. only thing which matters is how much time you can get after doing your day job.

  21. Yeah.
    We have full of shitty people around us. We really should go to Silicone Valley.

  22. I hope i will be in silicon valley one fine day

  23. aaaaaand Danielle is a dude.

  24. why does every nerd have feminine undertone to their voice.

  25. You are not changing the word… Capitalist assholes

  26. silicon valley the most unique and prestigious science and investment place in the world. how much are shares there? let me know

  27. 7:53 The arrogance of that statement is beyond belief. That gives you an incite into the minds of some of these guys. You raised money from a VC for your project, use your own money and remortgage your house and let's see how crazy you are. Playing with money you don`t have to payback is not risk.

  28. The only risk I'm going to take is drinking plenty of alcohol!

  29. Have to live in a box truck or RV to actually save money and survive the cost of living

  30. Send me background music link

  31. San Francisco is not Silicon Valley. San Jose, Sunnyvale, South Bay IS Silicon Valley

  32. I like the guys that are so enthusiastic and committed, they stay up til 2 am and sleep in the office.
    May I suggest always having a change of clothes in your car or in a back pack….and don't forget your tooth brush!

  33. Everybody San Francisco is not in Silicon Valley.

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