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Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know


  1. One of the best content video i ever found so far!

  2. This was ridiculously amazing! So well done!! Thank you.

  3. Please make another video explaining the pitfalls of opening a startup.

  4. Great video. okay thanks, that makes sense.

  5. Can you guys make a video for start-up employees?

  6. Startups are the biggest remittance scam for foreign workers in the USA. Fusion Garage took off with $40 million in US capital and fled the country. Indians have a saying: "Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!". Remittances by foreign workers are a mass wealth transference out of America.

  7. WTF is wrong with you? Get more subs, get on this shit.You shouldnt be lazy.

  8. wait what? central banks can JUST PRINT MONEY>??????????????

  9. I barely comment on videos but this was actually solid!
    Nice job man

  10. But what if i do something different like fish store

  11. Oh my God this is so educational!!!

  12. Woah woah woah guys you cant just give an investor a random post money valuation, it has to based on numbers and facts. If you're pre money valuation is 0, the investor would want 50-100{11dcda262fe6d028e7d36388bc7b637fedc614ce8f4ee25f9be0e8bc9daf6920}

  13. This video is arguably more useful than 12 years of education combined.

  14. Why not get a loan from a bank, or just a loan in general? Instead of selling shares

  15. Can the investor's sell their shares freely to anyone? What if they disagree with management?

  16. In any other context, this sort of structure would be called a pyramid scheme. Why the hell would a valuation be pinned on money lent from an investor? It's basically legal fraud.

  17. You want to invest in my company?

    no shame in my game
    If you say no i wont hurt you or anything. You have an overall career net positive AND an inoffensive "sin footprint".

  18. 1:00 100,000 shares is NOT AT ALL usual or the norm. Try 100 billion shares. Why? Because it makes employees feel way better when you tell them they now own 100,000 shares, rather than being honest with them that they only own 0.000001{11dcda262fe6d028e7d36388bc7b637fedc614ce8f4ee25f9be0e8bc9daf6920} of the company.

  19. Fantastic video. I really loved your quality, research and production. Thanks a lot 🙂
    Danke schon!

  20. In the exit options can i just buy off the initial investor,the vc and angel investor instead of going public

  21. Weirdly motivates me to make my own startup… Good Video!

  22. did anyone else have the subtitles in russian?

  23. Can someone please tell me which of FatRat's songs this is?

  24. Advice: just fucking do it.

  25. Indian accent fucks everything up but lol great video

  26. Ok, 100,000 shares is a makeup number, but where the $50,000 came from (at 1:20)?
    If the $50k is 20{11dcda262fe6d028e7d36388bc7b637fedc614ce8f4ee25f9be0e8bc9daf6920} of this startup, how and who evaluates it at $250k?

  27. Your video is so simple but full of information. Please keep us posted!

  28. Start a real company, don't be afraid.

  29. Super Video! Hast du selbst auch schon Erfahrungen? 🙂

  30. The employees are usually excluded from taking profits in an IPO due to a lockout period the Executives/Founders and Investors aren't beholden to. They take the money and run and the employees get little. Worse: The founders/executives churn and burn employees so they never make their 1 year "cliff vest" and get NOTHING from the IPO for their work (and often their wages were decreased with the empty promise of accruing equity via the company stock plan).

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  32. But Why do i want $1 Billion? Why do people want to be rich?

  33. This video made me in…. subscribed!!!!!

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