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Startup Advice – How long does it take to learn to be an entrepreneur?


  1. From day one when first went back to school and decided what I wanted to do when it came to becoming an entreprenaur I have been assigned this angel and VOLUNTEERING is the way to go and just like a few days ago, I visited a very well established family owned cruise travel agency! You have helped me a whole lot Evan and thank you so much and I do BELIEVE and inspire to be inspired to learn how to be the best from the BEST!!!! I thank God first and foremost for never ever leaving me not once during this great journey and don't give up on your dreams and without DREAMs, you have nothing to work TOWARDS achieving!!! Thanks Evan!

  2. I talk with like business owners in other cities. Most are pretty receptive to helping another entrepreneur out.

  3. Evan: I'm a sales consultant in the insurance industry for entrepreneurs who own their own agencies – I've used your words and advice to help them grow and thanks for doing what you do.

  4. Fail fast and get a mentor who will let you confide and ask real questions bc the biggest growth I had to do was in maturity and developing socially to navigate each situation as if I was 20 years older than I am.

  5. Evan, you are the best and got to share this with much love!

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