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How to Start a Business with No Money


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  5. You've just made money, with no money, by this video,clickbaite title, and probably used someone else's Internet.Thats how to make money with no money.I think I may try this it be worth it lol.

  6. Yeaaa.. the whole "Going out and getting started" part was what i needed.. Where do i go..

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  8. this was so good, better than other videos thanks man

  9. This is great advice.  Looking back, my business that I started and built well prior to seeing this video, followed this exact model. You truly do not see what is around the corner for your business, the future squares, dots and triangles represent what happens if you "Never Give Up"

  10. You guys are completely wrong money is about ideas and that's what he gave … can't expect to be spoon fed , that's not how life works take whatever light bulb that went off while watching this and start there , that's the point of this video

  11. Cant start a car with no gas in it

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  13. Red squares? I smell commies… T_T

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  15. I know what your talking about but when your at that red dot you want to find out what else are we selling

  16. 7:00
    You're a shark! Haha I love it. Are you hiring?

  17. Thank you its really helped me i just need to start, your pretty hot too

  18. Last year when I watched this video I got annoyed with the opening line about getting into business. This year I decided to start my business and boy I am glad I watched this again. Thank You so much!

  19. Respect. Exactly what i needed to hear. inspiring words to the wise. Sending best wishes and blessings your way 🙂

  20. This literally tells me nothing about starting a business…..

  21. Still takes money to make it!

  22. yeah he is right we can start business with no money

  23. Im thinking about starting my own business but but have no money i need to know how to start it with no money. Can you tell me that please? Thank you.

  24. How do you start a referral business using local service providers, in terms of getting business licenses?

  25. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. ❤

  26. misleading title.. but really great content. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  27. Hey thanks for this video!! New to youtube, and I will sub anyone that subs me! Lets grow!

  28. But how can i find a business idea ?

  29. Next time put clickbate in the title asshole

  30. wat r the 100$ start up businessess examples??

  31. and these comments in here that are trying to take away the positive message your trying to put out, are just ignorance coming from people who are not interested in helping anyone, so they find little remarks to put up, in hopes of starting a disagreement with several people, simply for entertainment, because they're sadly, negative and bored people!

  32. wow, you are actually very inspiring. I wouldn't have expected to hear someone actually giving others ,the encouragement, the hope, and the kick in the butt, so to speak, to better themselves! usually, you get people who are just wanting to promote themselves ONLY, and do not offer any help in getting on the road to success themselves! So thank you for being a REAL, inspiring person! And, yes, hearing what you had to say here, was exactly what I needed! I've found every excuse to put off starting my company! Lol, but, NOT ANYMORE! I'M ready to get this thing going! Thanks again!

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  35. Loved the video…helped so so so much, awesome video I subscribed

  36. I have a question, you watched videos like this before going into busnesses?

  37. very good Go ahead very fast Ilike you

  38. how do you Start a business with no money??. you need money to have business >.<

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  40. This video was amazing. Even though it relates nothing at all to the title, this simple principle is better than anything I have ever seen as far as business start up advice. I started my uber business 2 years ago, which was my green dot, then I went from uber to selling and promoting clubs buisnesses from my uber and now I am working on my red triangle which is generating 3 times more income than the other 2.

    now for those that came here and are pissed off about the title not being relevant allow me to put ur soul at ease……..


    * figure out initial and reoccurring costs (include your cost o living)
    *estimate necessary cash flow to stay in buisness
    *find a good tax consultant (this one is really important)
    *regulatory and permit costs
    *then take the estimated capital needed to fulfill all of these requirements and ad on 20-40{11dcda262fe6d028e7d36388bc7b637fedc614ce8f4ee25f9be0e8bc9daf6920} more


    * business credit cards
    *peer to peer funding (there are pleanty of people and buisnesses sitting on top of loads of cash looking for ways to invest their money.
    *401k rollover (for buisnes startup) yes u can do that.
    *venture capitalist or venture capitalist firms
    *LLP limited liability partnership (split the start up cost with someone else who shares the same vison)
    * bank loan (if u got the credit and collateral)
    *government grants (depending on what ur business is)
    (notice I didn't put sba loans since they are almost impossible to get without a massive amount of collateral)

    :get to know ur competition

    *read about them and if possible visit them
    *take a look at the different processes your competition uses (successful and unsuccessfull) this will help u avoid pitfalls
    *read read read about buisnesses that have failed and succeeded in the area ur looking at (but don't spend too much time that it prevents u from starting

    Then just fucking start

  41. Start with whatever you have then like Gary Vee says work your face off!

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