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Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs


  1. This guy is a fucking bully, when would he talk serious without bullying stupid humans.

    He got lucky getting his positions.

  2. @20:18 The most important tip on mastering your pitch.

  3. "I hope he's not in your contest, because I can tell you right now he's not getting past the semi-finals" fucking brutal!

  4. "dead cows in cans"… "you don't want stupid money" … Ha ha.

  5. I love this Guy!!! Lot of insights.

  6. I love it! Currently on my management courses.

  7. It is better to BE lucky than smart!! YOU HAVE POINT THERE!!!

  8. Youth education?

    Im 53 and Im taking the initiative to educate myself.

    If someone is not willing to invest in themselves, then why should anyone else?

  9. Huge mistake of investors: That it is all about money, profits and everything can be translated into money. There are other things in life that are much more important than financial profits. Bullshit talk to resque business, do some homework about humanity, the real profits of life. Entrepreneurs don't think about money but only (want) to solve a problem, want to try a out-of-the box solution, could be a life saver. That's why the real developer/inventor doesn't get paid for the wonderfull things because there is a business man that sucks all the efforts. A business man is nothing without any inventor, handyman or something like that. A business man that only things in financial profits is a poor loser. Also, remember that Apple did not exist nowadays without the help of Microsoft in the past. Just an example. You need support in both directions to be sucessful on the long term.

  10. The Lord has answered your prayers…. we cannot keep up with growth!

  11. I like this guy. Very practical outlook on startups.

  12. this is really helpful. thank you very much.

  13. Tesla seems to have a problem with its electric car. they have more demand than they produce which Guy wants to see once in his life.

  14. Really enjoy this video, very informative and highly entertaining…great job Guy!

  15. "How many Microsoft employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb… None… Because Bill Gates has declared darkness… the new standard…"


  16. Best education system in the world?
    Really ?

  17. The lecture is fantastic, but the questions are terrible. start at 3:16, finish at 40.09

  18. The Hawaiian George Clooney ladies & gentlemen.

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