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Gary Vaynerchuk | ADVICE TO A STARTUP


  1. I know most people over 12 years old know this already, but saying "Fuck" does not make you cool. James. Gary. It's incredibly hard to take you or your business seriously when you do.

  2. Aaron Carter- Fools Gold in the intro….ayyyyyeeeee Aaron is a part of Vayner nation!

  3. thanks for showing this man. keep it up. don't stop

  4. Gary never invested on Snapchat, FYI. But awesome interview tho, Gary always drops gems. Keep doing ur thing Krispy!

  5. man i would be shook to meet him lol

  6. What's an RP in this context? At 12:53

  7. what an amazing position to be in. to see/film a meeting like this. fucking amazing shit.

  8. This Gary guy just likes to hear himself talk and not let anyone else talk. This content is garbage. Bye felicia

  9. yo why are u talking about quieting or might quiest , shiit u got more views then me but im not giving up my vlog

  10. yo! this shit was waaaay too legit to be offered for free to watch bro! I appreciate the insight and the time you took into this. keep it up!

  11. it would be disgusting to see EVERYONE wearing vans… back away garyee!

  12. So whens that shark tank thing happening and how do we find out more?

  13. This was legit awesome!!!! Krispy and the Jerry Media crew are making some serious movements!!

  14. your already successful 🙂 be successful with women on video and make some real content that will make u a legend.

  15. Totally off Topic, Do you have JETS favorite players and what size you wear? Large? GEAUX!!!!

  16. this guy says some good shit ! best to you guys !!!

  17. Whats the deal with Gary Vaynerchuk, has anyone actually done a background check on this guy? Jordan Belfort 2.0

  18. Saw the title instantly clicked, need to be as good as you 🙂

  19. whats up bro stoked you met gary 🙂 if you ever need some free music for your vlog let me know i can send you some hip hop beats and songs i produced via email !

  20. Yo James! Hope your audience is good enough now dude?! Hope to keep gettin good stuff from the vlog! Dont give up! Say hey to Romane and Josh they're fun! Cheers from Perú! x

  21. So I was watching gary's video and then BAM Krispy rocks up,… i was like whaaat, sick bro

  22. not that I LIKE the guy but this was a super interesting video, thank you for sharing. honestly, and no hard feelings, cus i'll always watch, but this is probably the first interesting vlog you've done in a few days!

  23. Amazing stuff about building brand and image. Coming off this video so inspired for the entrepreneurial world. Thanks so much for sharing this with your subscribers.

  24. Hey guys! Just started my youtube channel! Please go have a look and if you're interested you can sub, i'll sub back most likely 🙂

  25. Hoping you keep making videos even after the year is up. Definitely my favorite part of all the stuff you guys are doing! Also random, but can we get an expansion pack lined up for what do you meme??? We need more memes! #Squad

  26. I hope you keep it up man. You're my favorite part of Jerry Media right now. I'm pretty much over memes/meme culture. I honestly kind of miss life before memes at this point. But your stuff is good. Your content is getting a lot better. It's gonna happen for you man. I respect your grinding.

  27. Gary is a fucking beast. Love all his content.

  28. DUDE! Congrats on the half-year-versary! Appreciate all the time you put into these vids.

  29. I'm not in the soc med industry but found this SO interesting! Keep the vlog

  30. Damn he's intense! Quite exciting teaming up with a successful dude like that!

  31. wow has it seriously been 6 month?! No doubt you guys are good at building a brand, but I think the spot you guys are in is tough because social media plat forms are always changing. You have to be on top of the "next big thing". Like who knew snap chat would become the what it has….wow I typed that and then Gary said "look at snap chat". Ha, I feel I am in the meeting with you! Fela….does he mean sketchers! HA. Loved being part of the meeting. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Unrelated to the premise of the video, but the pipe shelving in that board room looks sick. I am going to copy that design for my office.

  33. Wow!!!! What a guy to have in your corner!!! Congrats!!! That's huuuuuge.

  34. So cool!!!! Can't wait to see what you guys gonna do together with Gary V

  35. Great vid Krisp, been loving your content recently (like even more) #squad

  36. Dropping Knowledge*
    7:42 fuck this i am putting it on the table. 11:49 fuck jerry business plan in a nut shell. 16:40 Oooo industry secrets !! 18:30 yuuuuuuge!!!!
    1.You guys nailed that meeting
    2.this vlog is special half way and its content is exactly what you started it for capturing these moments of growth!
    Cheers Team!

  37. Im not on time, IM SORRY KRISPY!!

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