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Eric Ries: “The Lean Startup” | Talks at Google


  1. It's interesting to see how much of this is now common wisdom in the startup world. A bit like tasks and bonuses.

  2. "But I'm getting great gas mileage" lmao

  3. the third time he mentions the book, pivoted from almost funny to annoying…

  4. Based upon the claps at the end the audience was half asleep.

    Great talk. Lots to think about.

    Thank you.

  5. All of the people at google are too focussed on being rich lol. This guy is crack up fuck all of them Eric… I knw how it feels to crack jokes in front of an audience and fuck em bro…

  6. I loved every second of it!!!!

  7. What a headache, that man taking so fast. I cannot stand it!

  8. The cover of his book looks like the language the aliens use in Arrival. js

  9. Hey Eric, I've really appreciated and took to heart your speech, I'm a small company owner and would like to see how I could develop more and expand on my business ventures.

  10. Brilliant. Thank you So much for your book that really changed my paradigm. 1# book of all time in terms of startups

  11. He is too busy talking about wrong ways to run a company – cases with a lot of details. It would be more useful and interesting l if he instead would focus on the right ways to run companies …

  12. Never thought about "Ghost Busters" as an entrepreneur's story.

  13. Dear Eric Ries, thank you for all the needed information.Great video !

  14. Thank you very much for interesting and effective training

  15. this guy should have been given more credit for his jokes hahaha I'm actually dying with laughter

  16. Interesting to apply this to the very small start up offering physical services.

  17. Hes got a real good point. Google should test and pivot its products outside of the brand then when it is real good, launch and enjoy success of having the Google brand against it.

  18. Great! Thank you for sharing.

  19. 7:53, exactly As Drucker said 'The worst thing in the world is to do very well what need not be done at all." Find your customers pains and gains, then sell them exactly what they need.

  20. The audience was not very receptive to his jokes…

  21. 31:30 the A-ha moment…prototype, validate, learn (design process)…then build measure learn (lean)

  22. So relevant – will always be relevant. Great actually seeing this after reading the lean startup! Every agileist should watch this!

  23. This guy is really brilliant…The book is unbelievable.

  24. What's really fascinating is the fact behind Tech City Startups based in Shoreditch / Old Street ( London) that only fraction of them properly attempting to LEAN thinking. Concierge MVP is very rare in reality but what's trendy is the GROWTH HACKING as it would be somehow solution….

  25. Fantastic talk. Might be 4 yrs old, but still completely relevant.

  26. Boasts about lean startup and Eric Ries were not exaggerated. It could not be more logical. 

  27. #StartUps  
    The Dominant question of our time is not can it be built but should we Build it, and the issue is, Can we build a sustainable business around a particular product.
    – +Eric Ries

  28. Great talk. Perhaps unfair but I'd say this sounds more palatable than "Fail fast"

  29. It's a very interesting lecture, it helps my business a alot.

  30. We are firm fans of The Lean Strat Up so this talk was quite a find. The book is governing how we function as a lean startup. Thank you Eric for the book to to Authors@Google for uploading this. Much appreciated. 

  31. Great video thank you for sharing Google!!!

  32. 54:43 "Ya3ni"? 😀 Egyptian speaking here 😀 

  33. it's a very exciting lecture.

  34. He's quite a braggart too, just an annoying silicon valley brat

  35. This guy is full of too many annoying buzz words which add little value. Most of it could just be put on one index card in plain English..

  36. Take a look at Paul Graham essay called "How to Get Startup Ideas".

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