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Airbnb Reportedly Raises Another $100 Million in Funding

Apartment-sharing startup Airbnb Inc has raised over $100 million in a new round of funding, a source close to the company said. Airbnb, once a startup selling cereal, expects to achieve profitability in 2016, the source said. Airbnb revenue doubled to $340 million in the third quarter on bookings of $2.2 billion, the source said. The company expects revenue of ...

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Crowdfunding, Personal Credit and the ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ Are a Few Go-Tos For Cash When VCs Aren’t Interested

Open any tech blog, and you’ll see that the industry can’t get enough of those “Silicon Valley success stories.” After a while, they all start to blend together. A tech startup with an innovative idea raises millions in seed and series funding rounds before being bought out by Microsoft or Google. It’s a story that’s told so often, you might think it’s ...

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Starting May 16, Entrepreneurs Can Raise Money in a Whole New Way. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Monday, May 16, 2016, will be a very big day in the world of crowdfunding. More people will be able to invest in entrepreneurs through crowdfunding than they were just the day before. And that means that more entrepreneurs with more innovative ideas will be able to launch more businesses. “The implications of legalizing equity-based crowdfunding are both significant and ...

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