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Startup Basics

Building a Hard-Working Team Starts With You

Startups require a lot of hard work, with no rest for the weary. Since you need to be moving at light speed to gain first-mover advantage, it often means a lot of late nights in close quarters alongside your fellow team members. The founding team must be able to thrive in that environment. Capital will be tight and you will need to ...

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You Really Could Have a Legitimate Business in a Week

Starting your own business is an exciting and fruitful experience for many entrepreneurs. Yet many people hold the misconception that setting up a company is a complicated, drawn-out process. As a result, they don’t follow their dreams. You might be surprised to learn you can accomplish the basics in a week — or less. Here’s how. Define and refine your ...

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5 Culture Truths Every Company Needs to Learn

Successful companies know that in order to entice and retain top talent, they have to create an environment where people actually want to work. Over the past few years, what used to be motivators for employees — pay, benefits, perks — have simply become satisfiers. Now employees want to feel like their job matters and work for a company with ...

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The 4 Mindsets That Will Make or Break Your Startup

If being an entrepreneur were as easy as simply coming up with a great idea, we’d all be entrepreneurs. But those of us who have logged long hours and sacrificed financial security for passion know that it takes much more. Your startup may begin with one idea, but your mindset will be what makes or breaks it. 1. Be self-aware. ...

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The 3 Curve Balls That Strike Out the Most Entrepreneurs

So, you want to launch a startup. You have a product idea and some target customers in mind, and you’ve been looking for validation from colleagues, investors and analysts for a while. You also want to pursue the idea in your spare time, so it could take a couple of years to get the company off the ground. There’s a ...

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